614 E. Grand Ave. Beloit, WI 53511
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Carom Room

The History

The Carom Room was established in 1963 by a man named Bob Hendee.

It was a ten table pool room consisting of seven 9’ Gold Crowns, one 5’ X 10’ Gold Crown billiard table & one 5’ X 10’ Gold Crown snooker table. The original Carom Room had a ten seat lunch counter, with a smokeless indoor grill, soup warmer, malt maker & a rotisserie hot dog machine. It was a small, basic kitchen, but they always put out a ton of great food.

Bob owned The Carom Room for three years, then sold it to his nephew Laverne (L.J.) Hendee. L.J. owned it for seven years, then in 1973, he sold it to my dad… Dave Coles Sr. He ran the business by himself for 22 years, then on February 1st, 1995 we became partners.

Right from the formation of our partnership, we began making improvements. We took out four 9’ tables, and put in five 7’ tables to meet the growing bar table demand. We put up new paneling, fresh paint jobs where needed, replaced appliances and coolers behind the counter, replaced floor tiles & and made numerous other improvements. We had that place looking brand new!

Business continued to improve, and four years later, we had an opportunity to move into a much larger location. We were financed over our head, used many favors from all of our friends and worked some crazy hours… but somehow, some way, we were able to successfully get the new place open on October 8th, 1999. We now have a room with 23 pool tables… consisting of seven 9’ Diamond Pro-Ams, fourteen 7’ Diamond Pro-Ams, one 5’ X 10’ Verhoeven heated billiard table & also the original 5’ X 10’ Gold Grown snooker table. We also have a full bar and grill, with a menu featuring great signature sandwiches and appetizers. We are well equipped to handle large pool tournaments and corporate parties. We also host many smaller parties and events for our regular patrons.

Our Spring and Fall Classic tournaments, along with numerous weekend open tournaments, have attracted many of the best players on the planet to our pool room. We are continuously making improvements, and strive to be one of the elite pool rooms in the United States.

My dad and I are very proud to be part of the transformation… from the small room that The Carom Room started out as, to what it’s become today. If you have never been here, we invite you to come down and check it out!

~ Dave Coles Jr.